Interesting service from Nivio

I have came across an article on one of a web sites. They suggested that you can run your desktop of everywhere from your web browser. And off course there is a company that is already running a beta testing of this service. The name of a company is Nivio and you can find them at this web address: . So I took a little time to register on their web site and after a link-clicking-from-e-mail-account-creation-confirmation my account was created. 

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Continuous Integration, another chapter of XP

Some time ago in one of my posts I have mentioned XP, that is eXtreme Programming. I was asked by one of my colegues about it few days ago. He was asking about tools for .NET for XP practice mentioned in title. Well, as an exercise I’m going to present you tools for Continuous Integration for Java and for .NET platforms.

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