Weather people, wizards or scientists?

I live in England. Everyone heard about weather in here. It’s quite famous. In the morning it’s nice and hour later it’s rain and then it’s nice again. Weather forecasters in this country have some really hard job. I’m disappointed by forecasts that say it will be nice and then it’s rubbish. But, there is a little light in the end of a tunnel, in a shape of .

I like the way they write about weather plus, it turnes out to be quite a good predictions. So, I’m sharing this site with you, all the people that are sick of bad weather forecasts. And it is important, because weather has much bigger influence on your behavior and mood then You might think.


Go on Safari with Apple

It looks like Apple has joined a Web Browser War. They have released Beta version of Mac OS’s default web browser Safari. I need to be honest in here, I like some of Apple’s idea and Safari on PC I think it’s a very good one. I have downloaded Safari and installed it on my home PC.

First impression:

  • web browser starts fast, almost like Internet Explorer, much faster then Firefox
  • I love the interface, MAC-a-like look and feel
  • renders pages very fast
  • content looks good
  • standard (now) tab browsing
  • it looks like it using less system resources (memory, cpu) then Firefox

I’m really surprised by myself, because I thought I will stay Firefox enthusiast to it’s very or my end. But … I’ll wait for official release of Safari to have a ride on it. So far, so good. Try it yourself 🙂


Agile, Agile A…. gile

I had to change a title of this post many time, as I was unable to give it a right sound. At the end I came back to the beginning, as it usual is when I’m doing something. Article inspiration came from a short Talk on Agile development that I have attended yesterday in London. Erik Doernenburg from company called ThoughtWorks was giving the talk. Very good talk with a number of real life examples (something everyone is keen on). He approached audience with presentation of 10 Myths about Agile Software Development. But let’s start from the beginning this time 🙂

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