End of an ERA

21st of August was my last day of work in Computer Cab. I’m officially unemployed now. Will be until 3rd of September, this is the time when I start job at ThoughtWorks. I need to say that ComCab was a place where I meet a lot of great people a made some cool new friends. This is also place where I got first time exposed to Agile and XP practices and converted from Java to .NET programmer. It doesn’t mean I don’t code Java now and that I’m total Microsoft fan 🙂

I learned a lot at ComCab and I’m grateful but it’s time to move on. To all the guys from the ComCab, cheers, you are great.


Part of the Team during Friday lunch in a pub nearby.


XP Ways – A saga of Pair Programming

paironPair programming is about two people having fun producing good quality code and learning one of each other. What am I saying? Isn’t pair programming two guys that are trying to show off which one is better and arguing with themselves on who’s idea should be implemented? Hmmmm….. I got some experience, so let’s take a closer look.

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