Big rain, bad Dell and other Monday goods

FrustratedCouldn’t imagine worst morning than today (weather wise). It was almost dark as at night and it was raining really heavy. All trains were late. It is amusing in country being famous of its bad weather that trains are late when it starts to rain.

Anyway, I was on a train listening to The Beatles album, Revolver, watching three ladies around me fixing their make-up and thinking about my problems with Dell Laptop I received as company toy.

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Is it Britain or the hole IT is going crazy

reference It’s been two weeks now when I started my great new job. It’s really amazing to work at ThoughtWorks in its London office and I’m very happy that I made through recruitment process.

Something that stroke me after just few days of work is that people are using a lot of abbreviation all the time. It is either a business stuff or IT related. Technologies or funky names. I’m usually the dummy one that is asking what the hell is that? Is it new funky trend between Brits or did IT (IT, another one:) ) world go crazy?

Master of shortcuts are in Seatle in Microsoft offices. Some of the sentences they made during sessions and talks, when I was there, contained only abbreviations. Is it a lack of a time that makes the need to speak faster. Is it assumption that everyone else know those word shortcuts?

It doesn’t matter for me, I’m terrible at remembering those, probably because I don’t care about it 🙂

Cheers, Gregster