PicLens, new web experiance

I don’t like to install to much plugins in my Firefox for some reasons. But there is one plugin that absolutely blow me away. Plugin is called PicLens, and it enables entire new media experience within a web browser.

It enables 3D browsing experience of rich media content like pictures, videos and audio files.

I have enabled my blog to work with it. You can check it out by installing plugin yourself or by looking at the pictures I post in here 🙂





Imagine this without any additional plugins in your web browser. That would be very tasty 🙂 Thanks for the link Cleve 🙂

Cheers, Greg

Real hours of development work

How many hours of real development work do we do during the week?

So, we claim to work 40 hour week. I will put some average time that we spend on project activities and other personal things wee do so we can estimate how much time we loose.

Each working day has 8 hours of work. During this 8 hours we spend an hour on lunch that I’m not including in here. Then:

  • Iteration planning meeting: 1 hour
  • Morning stand-up: 5 times 10 minutes (average)
  • Dev huddle: 5 times 5 minutes
  • Story signup: depends on number of stories but let’s give it 20 minutes in entire week.

If we say we have meetings or discussions with clients on requirements etc. spending 30 minutes on it during whole week is optimistic average.

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Things and Stuff Driven Development

It is I, DA GregA lot of us heard acronyms TDD, Test Driven Development and BDD, Behaviour Driven Development. Those two are development techniques where application code is introduced with leading expectation. In both cases this leader, so called driver, will be a test.

In ideal world Developers would know exactly how to build a test from “never changing” business expectations and will develop 100% bug free and working code.

Everyone knows how far we are from ideal world and because we are a human beings the main driver of development is different then the desired one.

My few years of development experience thought me that there is a wide variety of technically non related drivers in development. Here they come 🙂

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