My Personal Kanban 2.0

My Personal Kanban 2.0 is the next version of My Personal Kanban I released many years ago.

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite and delivered as a native desktop application.
It is now open sourced and available at GitHub mpk-desktop-app repository.

Current version is 2.0-beta-0, you can download OS Native applications from here:

Following Video brushes through features of the Current version.

Complete list of features in version 2.0.0-Beta-0

  • Create and remove boards – you can create up to 8 boards.
  • Switching boards with board buttons or Keyboard shortcuts:
    • Command+Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down on Mac
    • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down on Windows and Linux
  • Rename columns and set limit of cards in columns (limiting WIP)
  • Creating, viewing, editing and deleting of Kanban Cards
    • Keyboard shortcut Shift+A for adding cards
    • Unique numbers (ids) on cards
    • Bottom right corner dial for adding cards into specific column
    • Switch on the New Card dialog for adding cards at the top/bottom of column
    • Recording “Last modified” date on cards and displaying on the card details view
    • Ability to add predefined tags to cards
    • Ability to add tasks to cards as a checkboxes in the description
    • Ability to set deadline on card
    • Changing Edit card window for cards with more details
  • Moving cards between columns
    • Columns with setup Limits will not allow for cards to be moved if the limit is reached
  • Archiving cards in the last column
  • Browsing of Cards Archive including a simple text search
    • Restore cards from archive back into board (to last column)
    • Delete cards from Archive
  • Dark and Light theme switch
  • Persisting content to the disk in the User home folder
  • Ability to mark important cards with flag
  • Managing Tags for Cards, including Tag names and colours
    • Switch to display Tags on cards, on the board
  • An indicator if a card has more details by displaying an icon on the card
  • Rendering tasks on card on the board, with the ability to mark completed tasks
    • Switch to display Tasks on cards
  • Moving cards between boards

Please contribute your ideas and improvements on GitHub using Issues or Pull Requests.