MySQL console beep … grrrrrrr

Sitting and doing some evening bed time development is usually not a stressful event. Listening to a calm music and than, in a middle of a chilled out thinking process, awesome, LOUD beep from a PC speaker announcing to my neighbours 10 floors up that I just made a typo when I tried to execute SQL query from mysql console. This awesome feature cased me a heart attack and Wife attack (I got a slap in a head for the attempt of waking my Daughter up).

After a 10 minute relaxation session I decided to put a ripped out speaker back to its original spot in the machine and google for a solution.

It looks like when you are starting the command line MySQL terminal there is a way of disabling the fantastic feature so happily put there by the awesome MySQL team. –b option does it.

C:\projects\>mysql –b –u root –p

Hope you will avoid the little BEEP sound that could wake up dead.

Cheers, Greg