My Personal Kanban, new tiny application just released

I’ve posted about Kanban before (Free Kanban Board , Kanban), however this time I’ve created a little Kanban Board application that I started to use as my personal, sophisticated TODO list.

My Personal Kanban Screen
Example of a Board

My Personal Kanban is Free and Open Source for anyone to use.

More description of it’s functionality can be found here: and the source code in here:

Percent encoding in Groovy

I was writing some helpers for OAuth Twitter authorization. One of the problem I got was the encoding. OAuth is using UTF-8 and percent encoding (special style of URL ecoding).

I couldn’t find anything build-in in Java or Groovy so I wrote a very short little method that does it.

def encodeString(def stringToEncode){

def reservedCaracters = [32:1, 33:1, 42:1, 34:1, 39:1, 40:1, 41:1, 59:1, 58:1, 64:1, 38:1, 61:1, 43:1, 36:1, 33:1, 47:1, 63:1, 37:1, 91:1, 93:1, 35:1]

def encoded =  stringToEncode.collect { letter ->
reservedCaracters[(int)letter] ? “%” +Integer.toHexString((int)letter).toString().toUpperCase() : letter
return encoded.join(“”)

If you ever need something similar, use it 😉