The secreat art of learning or … help me, I'm bored


I just picked up new Development exercise. I decided to learn some programming for Android devices. I’m missing a truly great app for my Android handset that I could get for iPhone or desktop app, TweetDeck. This is my driver and my goal.

I spent some time to get to know the platform and the architecture. Reading some very good documentation that Google Android team put together. I downloaded SDK and some tools. Got it setup (turned out to be a trivial task).

So, what do I do now. I know Java, but that’s only 10% of what I need to know to develop for Android. SDK is the next bit. Plus there are some tips and tricks on how to develop for mobile devices.

I opened one of the tutorials on Android page and after a 10 minutes of reading and following on my computer I got bored. I realized that I enjoy to learn most by pairing on a problem with someone who knows more or at least know some. I don’t really have anyone to pair with me on my new task. I figured there has to be a better way of learning then.

Question is … what it is?

Guys, any help? How should I tackle it, so it is not boring as hell?

Cheerios, Greg