MySQL console beep … grrrrrrr

Sitting and doing some evening bed time development is usually not a stressful event. Listening to a calm music and than, in a middle of a chilled out thinking process, awesome, LOUD beep from a PC speaker announcing to my neighbours 10 floors up that I just made a typo when I tried to execute SQL query from mysql console. This awesome feature cased me a heart attack and Wife attack (I got a slap in a head for the attempt of waking my Daughter up).

After a 10 minute relaxation session I decided to put a ripped out speaker back to its original spot in the machine and google for a solution.

It looks like when you are starting the command line MySQL terminal there is a way of disabling the fantastic feature so happily put there by the awesome MySQL team. –b option does it.

C:\projects\>mysql –b –u root –p

Hope you will avoid the little BEEP sound that could wake up dead.

Cheers, Greg

8 thoughts on “MySQL console beep … grrrrrrr

  1. there is as well a way that in device manager you can disable the speaker… it mean all bips are gone.. but at the same time that what you want anyway 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip, got me going on the right direction!

    You can also make the change in the client section of my.ini file. In Windows, it’s something like “\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\my.ini”, I guess it should work in other platforms.

    Add no-beep=true to the [client] section to enjoy some well-deserved peace.

  3. If your server beeps, it does mean that there is an error (usually a charset one!), so you’d better fix your scripts/apps, and not turn off the beep feature…
    A good script/app is when the MySQL server never beeps!

    Mine was beeping like hell, but it was because the default charset was badly set…..

  4. @Jcn50
    I sometimes use mysql command line to quickly manually type some command and see the results, in case of any typo it makes me annoyed, especially that I’m not MySQL master yet and sometimes have problems with syntax.

    @Greg, @luisg – thanks for sharing.

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