Custom JavaScript KungFu and management for Microsoft MVC.NET

Rails community got a lot things right for web application. One of them is the way they manage JavaScript files. I’m working on a web project where I use a lot of JavaScript and MVC.NET as Web Framework. Team is quite big and JavaScript is getting out of control. Files are everywhere with a lot of code. And then when it goes into production it is the best to have it as one compressed and minified file. So, here what we did.

Where am I, ups, production, I better behave

The easiest possible way of telling the app where it is running will be in Web.config. There is already a bunch of custom setting in there, so why not just have one more. When the time comes based on the Environment information we can decide if we will still spit out single un-minified files for a development environment or serve one minified file for lightning fast production performance.

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