"Firefox – What have you done?"

I was shocked, and I still am. My beloved web browser that is Firefox turned out to not keep web standards. This just nailed me down. Since several months Firefox has gaining its resource consumption appetite and more and more security bugs. I was hoping that for all that problems I can close my eyes because its still browser that is 100% WEB STANDARDS compliant.

I was wrong. When I was reading comparison of web browser speed I have clicked at link for Web Standards Project. There is test for compatibility of web browsers. When I have clicked this test I was shocked. Firefox is not displaying the content properly.

Internet Explorer test was even worst. Page looks like some sort of victim from horror movie just after MAD BUTCHER visit.

Final test made on Opera (latest version) and it turned out that this is currently only web browser that passed this test. I remember Opera couple of years ago and I need to say that those Opera developers have made a nice piece of work.

I need to admit that I’m concerning web browser switch. Firefox is starting to be annoying. More, its not giving “expecting quality” for “resource price” it’s expecting. I’m struggling over its speed as well.

Opera logo Firefox logoAnyway, you have your own minds. Make it up.

Cheerios, Gregos


It is 4 months since I have started new work, new job, new environment and what is most important, new EXPERIENCE. I haven’t come across this sort of methodology and programming technique before. What is this that I’m talking about. Some of them are: Test Driven Development, usage of Dependency Injection Framework (Spring) and tools like Maven, Cruise Control and now Continuum.

I will spend 5 minutes and try to explain what is this all about.

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