You are probably thinking what does that means. It’s both, comedy series and cloths that doctors in hospitals wear. This is my favorite comedy series right now. From some time this prime place on my winning pedestal ofTV comedy was taken by “Friends”. I like to watch it still, but “Scrubs” is much more fun 🙂



“Scrubs” series is about young doctors who are working in The Sacred Heart Hospital. Every episode narrates one of the character, JD (John Dorian). You can say that he is main person in “Scrubs”.

You can read more about “Scrubs” on its official web sites: and


Anyway, I strongly recommend this comedy show to anyone. You can take a look at some episodes on YouTube videos I have included in this page.

Here are some favorite moment from episode 5.

And here get some sarcasm

Some other funny moments

And here dr Cox calling JD girls names many, many, many, many, many times 😉

At the end I wont to present video of The Sacred Heart Hospital air band. They ROCK.

So, what do you think? Worth watch it? Damn sure it is 🙂 It always cheers me up.

Take care Gregi

2 thoughts on “Scrubs

  1. What the hell. Scrubs pounds the crap out of friends. Friends is about as funny as having someone fart in your mouth.

    Friends: Mostly bad actors, who can’t do comedy any shape or form, predictable script.

    Scrubs: Some great actors and a solid cast that do everything well, brilliant script.

    I’m sorry it came to this, but I didn’t know about your history of watching the worst show ever.

  2. I like friends. By the time they started to show it on tv it was best comedy show. I feel some sort of sentiment. I know that Scrubs is more funny and actors are better and blabla but You know Mike, Shut up 🙂


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