Go on Safari with Apple

It looks like Apple has joined a Web Browser War. They have released Beta version of Mac OS’s default web browser Safari. I need to be honest in here, I like some of Apple’s idea and Safari on PC I think it’s a very good one. I have downloaded Safari and installed it on my home PC.

First impression:

  • web browser starts fast, almost like Internet Explorer, much faster then Firefox
  • I love the interface, MAC-a-like look and feel
  • renders pages very fast
  • content looks good
  • standard (now) tab browsing
  • it looks like it using less system resources (memory, cpu) then Firefox

I’m really surprised by myself, because I thought I will stay Firefox enthusiast to it’s very or my end. But … I’ll wait for official release of Safari to have a ride on it. So far, so good. Try it yourself 🙂


2 thoughts on “Go on Safari with Apple

  1. It’s nice browser, but within first 2h of relese they have found 2 major sercirty holes in it, very dangerouse one 🙂 so in the end not to good 😉

  2. It’s still in beta phase. It’ll be better secure when it goes live. Funny thing with this security holes, they are not present for this browser on Mac version, just on Windows 🙂

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