Beginning of a new era

imageIt looks like I will be starting a new stage in my life. I’m changing the JOB. Seems  like just couple of days ago I have started work for my current company and I will be leaving it already. I learned a lot and I could probably learn a much more. But … it’s time for me to move on. Work was done well, people were converted into self learning masochists and XP practices and agile way is not unfamiliar to anyone. All the XP ways I have learned from Cleve and Merlyn, and I am (and will be) very grateful for that.

From 3rd September I will be starting work at ThoughtWorks in London. Great IT consultancy, based in number of countries around the world with really great work environment. Just check out their web site if you would like to know a bit more about it. ThoughtWorks have adopted Agile methodology in their entire project lifecycle. I’m looking forward to meeting all this clever guys there and start to learn and have some fun.

Recruitment and the interview process was the most toughest one I’ve ever been through (got 5 behind me now). I did:

  • phone interview
  • sent some code sample
  • then got invited for office interview and did
  • IQ test
  • personality test
  • logical test (this one killed me, exhausting)
  • did pair programming with one of TW developer
  • being interviewed by Managing Director and Sales Director

As you see it’s not easy money. If I knew how it will look like I would probably be scared like hell and fail all of that. But … turned out great.

So … here you got, TADAAA πŸ™‚

Greg iiiiiii i i     iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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