Big rain, bad Dell and other Monday goods

FrustratedCouldn’t imagine worst morning than today (weather wise). It was almost dark as at night and it was raining really heavy. All trains were late. It is amusing in country being famous of its bad weather that trains are late when it starts to rain.

Anyway, I was on a train listening to The Beatles album, Revolver, watching three ladies around me fixing their make-up and thinking about my problems with Dell Laptop I received as company toy.

 It has Windows XP Professional installed and now Ubuntu on a side. Why did I put Ubuntu on it. I was using this laptop at home. I had a lot of troubles trying make Intel Wireless software to work with my wireless at home. So I un-installed the bad evilness and decided to use Windows standard Wireless tool for that. It was working fine until MS decided to issue its standard number of fixes via automatic updates. Then troubles started. Wireless at home and in the office stopped working. It was connecting and working fora  moment then nothing seemed to go through. I can’t take things like that, I could probably swallowed some other problems like music card, but non functional networking its just pure evilness from Microsoft. So, dear XP, MOVE and make some space for Ubuntu.

I have resized one big Windows partition using GParted (good work guys from GParted team btw) and installed Ubuntu. Wireless was happy and working again. No problems with it at all. Development environment was stable and I was happy to use Linux again. Well, I was. First attempt to hibernate Ubuntu ended with nothing. Computer showed me nice black screen and nothing happened. When I turned on power again I got normal Ubuntu boot.

Hibernation not working … grrrrr. I’m using Hibernation all the time on my laptop. How can I not have Hibernation functionality. Big grrrrrr. So, here we go. Researching forums, talking on irc with some Ubuntu gurus. Finally I know what is wrong. In my wisdom I forgot that Linux is using SWAP partition to Hibernate, and my SWAP was just 1.5 GB for 2GB of RAM that I have in my laptop. So, fired up GParted again and shrinked Windows partition more. Now my SWAP is 4.5 GB. I can’t see this not working now. But it wasn’t. So I decided to un-install suspend package and Install it again.

First test, it works, second works. Few more tests and it works. Uff good stuff. Now, lunch some chat software and tell your friends about success. Well I could be able to do so only if I had Wireless. For some strange reason IT was gone. With all my Linux knowledge (that is not too big) I couldn’t bring it back to live, so restart was issued anyway.

I made my peace with Wireless not working when resumed from Suspend state and then another surprise. When I tried to Hib again nothing happened. Resume and I got new system boot again. It is random now, sometimes it works sometimes it’s not.

Windows could not cope with Networking, Linux is giving up on Hibernation, what else is left?
Vista is a disaster and I would never put that on my laptop, unless they make it usable. Linux failed, and I feel sorry about that, as I Love Linux. I can’t put BSD as that will be pure Sado. Only choice left is Mac. I need to gather money to buy one, or convince company to replace my Dell.

As a user I’m left disappointed with both operating systems. Hooray for windows for hibernation boo for networking. Hooray for Ubuntu for networking and boo for Hibernation.

If there is a person that would like to prove me wrong for booing either, then please, I would use some help 😀

Cheers, Gregster

One thought on “Big rain, bad Dell and other Monday goods

  1. I see you can’t get around the easy problems 🙂 I have Dell as well and put the latest drivers and software from Intel for Wireless and there are no problems at all, as well you can install VISTA, I think it’s gr8 it’s much more power saving than XP (on XP I can get up to 3-4h on battery on VISTA up to 7!!!!) so I think you might just have bad luck 🙂

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