A same cup of Java …

… at IKEA.


Recently I changed the job. After three years (longest I ever worked for a single company) I left ThoughtWorks. Majority of my consultant career oscillated in .NET space. It was almost three years since last I was doing Java. New job … is Java (packed full of Java technologies).

I had to do some IKEA shopping one late afternoon after work (something for the house). As my journey turned out to be a waste of time (items out of stock) I was sitting in front of the IKEA building consuming a horrible £1.40 Hot Dog Menu 2. Watching the sun set I had a little epiphany! I started new job, I got dropped into source code and I was able to work without relearning Java, libraries and tools.

Then I realised that through three years of work at TW, C# and .NET changed it’s shape a lot. In a mean time Java did nothing,well … almost nothing. C# introduced new language syntax, features, influenced by dynamic and functional languages. Java had got annotations and generics (somehow weird generics).

Is that a bed thing? It gives stable platform, and more consistent syntax in legacy code. On the other hand it lacks cool features, and I do have to admit, I like new features. It’s like every time when Apple releases new iPhone instead of all cool new things on it all you get is better performance and stability 🙂

There is also the explosion of languages that run on JVM. I like Groovy and JRuby, I need to check out Clojure and Scala.

There was a lot of fear when Oracle purchased Sun. Next new release of Java will have closures. If it is caused by Oracle’s influence I hope for more to come.

It is about time for Java to make some tuff decisions and stop being 100% backwards compatible.

What you think? Comment me your thoughts.

Cheers, Greg