Broken Maven repository and Gradle dependencies

Few days ago I got into trouble when building project using Gradle.

Created deployables (fat jars) looked fine when I build it on my local machine, however when I build on remote box (Linux) I was missing some dependencies. The build scripts were exactly the same. The only difference was: the remote box didn’t have local Maven repository. This shouldn’t cause any problems as remote repository should be the same.

Gradle, a better way to build

However 🙂 on the project that we are working, the remote repository is managed by team and it is in our internal network. It also doesn’t proxy to Maven repository.

Some of the artifacts that got uploaded to that repository were missing pom files. When Gradle (via Ivy) was resolving the dependencies it created pom file on the fly with no dependencies on other artifacts.

When I discovered the problem I uploaded missing pom files. It didn’t fix the problem though. As it turns out, Ivy cached the self created pom files in USER_HOME/.gradle/cache folder. Running gradle with -C rebuild option doesn’t solve the problem as this option only clears the cached Gradle scripts.

When I deleted the folder USER_HOME/.gradle/cache, Gradle got all the dependencies resolved properly!

I was using Gradle milestone 3.

I hope you won’t get stuck on the similar problem as I did. Maintain you repository or use public.


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