Setting up Grails directories to NOT use default user home folder

I have my user home folder at work mapped to a network drive. It is incredibly slow. Unfortunately many applications use home folder as the default dumping ground. The same applies to Grails. It puts it’s cached files, ivy dependencies and who knows what else in there.

It is not a straight forward to change that location and to be honest, not very well documented.

Anyway, here is the best possible solution I managed to find on my Windows box:

  • in folder : %USER_HOME_FOLDER%/.grails create file called settings.groovy
  • in settings.groovy file add line: grails.dependency.cache.dir= “path/you/want” – this is for the Ivy downloaded cache dependencies
  • in settings.groovy file add line:”another/path”
  • a system variable called: GRAILS_AGENT_CACHE_DIR to another location you would like.

These settings made Grails stay away from my mapped network home folder.


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