My Personal Kanban – use your own local cloud

I’ve finished new release of My Personal Kanban 0.5.0 and  version of My Personal Kanban Server. New Cloud features enable to Upload and Download Kanban to any Cloud server, accessible via web.

Cloud Setup Menu

My Personal Kanban Server will accept uploads and downloads from My Personal Kanban and store it on disk. You don’t need to generate key, however you can use the same one, you use with MPK Cloud.

Details of how to install server and run it can be found here: .

Technology involved in the MPK Server

I decided to learn Clojure and write the Server in Clojure. I thought the problem was simple to implement it while learning new programming language. I’ve picked Ring to help me. It provided just enough to handle web requests and left me with everything else to code.

Clojure is great language and I hope I will be using it more in the future.


5 thoughts on “My Personal Kanban – use your own local cloud

  1. Great work! I’m studying your code to learn angularjs because i’m trying to build our new internal helpdesk platform (and i want a kanban board for manage it) and your code is a very good starting point.
    I’m thinking to integrate it for saving data on a google spreadsheet (if you are asking me why, is because i need to integrate it in a google apps environment, with data for inventory and an history of interventions.
    I have seen a very good kanban board written in angular by an Alfresco developer ..lot of good ideas (seems a trello-clone) to implement.
    I hope to succeed. Thanks.

    1. Hi Cristian
      If you for MPK and implement something cool, I’ll be happy to merge a pull request into the main branch 🙂
      Let me know.
      Have fun learning. Angular is great.

  2. Greg, this is fantastic! I did not want SaaS, I wanted something simple to use every day on my PC or laptop for my To-Do list and major projects. You hit it out of the park. Thank you, for an awesome application. NICE WORK!!! Glen

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