My Personal Kanban – Cloud storage encryption

Not too long ago I finished working on a new release of My Personal Kanban. It is a small Open Source project that I have been working on. The aim is to provide a very simple Offline Kanban board in a browser window.

The latest release contains one major improvement for Cloud Uploads. It encrypts (ciphers) Kanban with user provided Key before uploading it into the Cloud. Thus, there is no possibility to view or decipher Content of the Kanban as the Key is not uploaded to the Cloud but only stored in your browser local cache.

The only data stored by Cloud in the readable form are: username and email address. In the wake of recent Spying and Snooping events, I believe this feature of My Personal Kanban should provide ease for everyone concerned about their privacy.

Cloud Encryption key setup

I’m using Rabbit encryption algorithm from CryptoJS library.

The latest release 0.4.0 also includes some bug fixes and code cleanup. You can grab it from here.

Once you have the new version, when you upload for the first time, the Kanban will be encrypted.

Next release that I am currently working on, will include persistence to a local Cloud storage (a small version of Cloud application running on user network and user server).

5 thoughts on “My Personal Kanban – Cloud storage encryption

  1. Hi Greg,
    I’m having trouble getting My Personal Kanban to load properly. All I get is a white page with all the links listed on the side (kanban name / New / Open / Delete / etc). I’m using your latest version (0.4.0) in Firefox 24 on Windows 7. I tried turning off my Adblocker and rebooting but still the same. I’m certain it’s something I’m doing that’s wrong, but I don’t know what it is!
    If you can give me a headsup that would be great. Try to be kind, lol

  2. Hi Bruce
    Did you start Blank or it was an upgrade from Previous version?
    Your add blocker should not make any difference, however it is absolutely vital for JavaScript to be enabled (as that is what actually makes the application).
    Can you try different browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera) and perhaps clean your browser cache (for that site only)? Also, are you running MPK from downloaded ZIP or clone from GitHub?

  3. It works now. I’m not sure what I did wrong before, but apparently it was something during the download/zip extraction process? Not sure, but I decided to start from scratch: I deleted all the files I had previously downloaded/extracted, cleared my cache, and started all over again. Only thing I *know* I did different this time was download from your Download Latest Version button on the MPK site instead of the Github site, so maybe that has something to do with it. Can’t rule out Downloader Stupidity, however. That remains my primary theory, lol.

    Thanks for your quick and tactful reply. And thanks for MPK, looks like a keeper!

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