2.0.0-alpha-1 released, a new version of My Personal Kanban

Second release includes few new features that I was missing when using My Personal Kanban. Some of the features come from suggestions posted by users of the original My Personal Kanban, version 1.0.

My Personal Kanban version 2.0.0-alpha-1

The few main features include:

  • Limiting WIP
  • Cards tagging
  • Unique numbers on tags
  • Cosmetic changes and additional keyboard shortcuts

I still have some functionality I would like to deliver in the next few releases, including:

  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Exporting/Importing of single board
  • Filtering of cards on the board by using tags

As before, I would love if you could give me some feedback on the Application.

The detailed description with OS specific downloadable binaries on the My Personal Kanban 2.0 page.

4 thoughts on “2.0.0-alpha-1 released, a new version of My Personal Kanban

  1. I was excited to see a new version when I saw how untouched the 0-8-0 version was, but unfortunately, I’m also saddened to see that it’s no longer open source. I will have to find another Kanban board unfortunately, as I seek transparency in the programs I run, but I wish you luck with this project!

    1. Hi DeJayh,
      The open-sourcing is coming soon. I was learning new technologies while developing MPK and want to tidy up the code a bit before releasing it.
      It should in the public repository within a few weeks.

  2. Hello!
    I have several questions about ur project because I’ve been searching a lot for a projects managment software for a while now and MPK was the nearest to my needs so far. I was actually going to clone repo of first version and add features I need but there were missing dependencies and then I somehow found that you are working on new version. Unfortunetly there are only binaries and I wonder if this project wont be opensource anymore? Also I wonder if exported projects from previous version will be compatibale to import into this one? I would be gratefull for response 😀

    And at the end I wanted to sugest to add some info to readme of first project that you are working on new one because I found this page by accident and it was close to me to never find out about comming new version 😀

    1. I will be open-sourcing the new version soon.
      I need to add that the project is fundamentally different (technologies and a standalone app instead of the in-browser app).
      Anyways, I used MPK 2.0 as a way to learn new technologies so I’m cleaning the code and will open-source it soon.

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