Projects and stuff

Number of few publicly available and open source software projects I was/am involved in.

RaspberryPi and Arduino central heating controller

A Mobile UI, Java based Web Server and Arduino embedded code, controlling very simple electronics for Central Heating at my home.


Medium post in here and code on GitHub.

My Personal Kanban

A small one page Web Application serving as a personal Kanban board.

Source code and more available here: .

Cloud services for My Personal Kanban are running on Google App Engine and are available here: .

Blog post about it in here:

My Personal Kanban sample board
My Personal Kanban sample board

My Personal Kanban Server

Backend for My Personal Kanban. Makes it possible to host your own local cloud services for My Personal Kanban.

Written in Clojure, available for free on GitHub as open source project: .

TeamCity Crowd Plugin

Enables Crowd user Authentication in TeamCity.

Blog post:

GitHub repository


A test runner for TestNG tests and a Gradle plugin for it. Attempt to make TestNG test execution more deterministic. More description at the blog post related to it:

Code is publicly available at GIT repository hosted on BitBucket:

Useful Gists available on GitHub

My GitHub profile is available here:

Artifactory plugin for the Local repository Sizing

Tiny plugin that makes it possible to retrieve Local Repository sizes from Artifactory via HTTP REST interface.

Source available in here:

Blog post about it in here:

Groovy Map to JSON string

A bit of code that turns Groovy map into JSON string.

Source available here: .

Blog post about it here:

More to come

There is more that I hope I will contribute in the near time to Open Source community. There is also some work in progress with my current employer to open source some of the projects I was working on.

16 thoughts on “Projects and stuff

  1. How can I contact you. I am not signed up to GitHub as have had no reason to and wants a plan $$
    I found your my-personal-kanban and it seems the simplest and easiest to use so far.
    wondering where the data info is stored as when I started setting it up and then I moved the folder, it didnt take all the setup I had done across as well

    1. Hi Pete
      Thanks for checking out My Personal Kanban and for you comment.

      The simple answer is: in the browser cache.
      The longer answer: browser has something called localStorage. This storage is bound to a page, or a specific URL. If you are opening MPK from a file system, it will have url of form: file:///folder/index.html. When you move the MPK files into another folder, some browsers think that the page you are opening is different, and different localStorage will be provided. If you would move it back to the same location you would see that all you stuff appears back in the MPK.
      I’m working on improvements (a lot of them). There will be better versions coming out soon.
      Can you tell me what browser are you using?

      1. Thanks Greg
        I am using Firefox.
        I work with a partner ( living in different areas) and was hoping to have me open the program and the updated files come up.
        and then if my partner opens Kanban then my updated files come up.

        We both already have a file sync folder (via bitTorrent sync) which we share files and was hoping to use this.
        Or even better put it up on my website hosting and access it from there via a browser window.

        Have been looking for a few weeks for something like yours. Most are too technical or want to run other systems before you run kanban,
        so are in my opinion not suitable for me.


      2. Hi Pete
        Does it mean you want to be able to share the Kanban with someone? Or you want to make sure your Kanban stays untouched for you?

    1. Hi Pete
      Thanks for that. It’s much clearer to me now.
      MPK was made as a Kanban for Personal use. So I didn’t put much attention to the sharing functionality. However, I’m working on improvements and I’ll add sharing at later stage. For now, you could share it via Upload/Download to the cloud by using same Cloud Key and Same Encryption Key. I’m afraid browser limitations can’t allow for file system operations.

      1. oh Ok Bummer.
        Thought I found ‘the one’ but I guess my journey continues. need to find something real quick, but an against using an online system where everyone else is as well.. ( like Trello etc etc)
        so many issues with that and “what if they screw it up or they close down etc etc “”
        Like to look after my own data.

        will keep an eye on your updates. thanks

  2. So.. re reading above and you say “The simple answer is: in the browser cache.”
    If I clear my browser cache etc, I will loose the data.

    1. Yes, that’s correct.
      To mitigate that I provide the Cloud Upload/Download and Export/Import functionality. I do know however that is a hassle. That is why I’m changing this in the current development. There should be something out soon 🙂

  3. Thanks Greg, for your great contribution. I have been looking for kanban board with angular js for quite awhile and stumble upon yours. I am not a very experienced programmer but I do know handful that will just do the work.
    So I was fiddling with your code. I was playing with the code of Color picker which is inside Column setting. I am only using Notepad ++. And I would like to change the text from “choose” to “OK”. I can see the code on Google Chrome. But when I go back to index.html in Notepad ++, I couldn’t find it.
    Can you help on that please?

  4. Besides that, I am now facing another issue here. The code stopped running on google chrome. While I was testing the code on Google Chrome, it suddenly stopped. Now sometime I get, blinking navbar on and off. I have tried IE as well, it doesn’t work. The only way it work is if I dragged the index.html on Chrome’s Incognito mode. Even if I download a new fresh code from your blog, it doesn’t work anymore.

    I am beginner programmer. So please help me how to fix this issue or give me a direction.

    I really appreciate your time.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Sanjay

    Thanks for kind words 🙂
    It’s hard for me to tell you what is going on without seeing the code.
    Would be easier if you forked it on GitHub and use their issue system to ask the question.


  6. Greg, hi! I’ve been using My-Personal-Kanban, it’s a great tool, thank you very much for that. I’m using it with the local server, and I use it like a portable software. I first download the kanban, then I modify it, and finally upload it. This way, everywhere I use it, I keep my personal kanban portable (I also carry the server with data generated).
    It would be great if it showed a warning message when you make modifications and you are about to download it from server (it has happened to me that, by mistake, I click download instead of upload) or import a json file.
    Thank you!


  7. I am looking through the code for the personal kanban and I can’t seem to find how the draggable functionality is achieved. I bet it’s some class being used that’s buried in jQueryUI or something, but I’ve been looking for an hour. Any hints?

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