Interesting service from Nivio

I have came across an article on one of a web sites. They suggested that you can run your desktop of everywhere from your web browser. And off course there is a company that is already running a beta testing of this service. The name of a company is Nivio and you can find them at this web address: . So I took a little time to register on their web site and after a link-clicking-from-e-mail-account-creation-confirmation my account was created. 

I was very happy that I will be testing this service but to my surprise I was unable to. My account was created but not active. Well, they can feel sorry that Gregster didn’t crush their system (not yet 🙂 ). Today, after a week, I have received information that my account is finally active and I can use all the goodness of my virtual desktop through web browser.

Anyway, I got a number of screenshots just to prove that it works.

Logging happen on web site, then the virtual desktop magic starts.

Login screen

As you can see, it looks like domain login screen from Windows XP series with Nivio logo.

Desktop looks familiar huh? 🙂 They offer a number of applications that everyone is using. Seems a little pointless to offer a web browser though 🙂

I was running test on Windows machine in Internet Explorer 7. It runs using ActiveX control that you are politely asked to install when application loads.

There is 2.2 installed that you can use, you also have some space allocated to you (not sure how big though).

So, here it is. You can register yourself and try it a little. It’s not so bad when you have a decent Internet connection. Nivio claims that it works fine on 128 Mb/s. For me it worked really good.

Virtual desktop is running within any browser that supports either ActiveX or Java applets.

Have and tell me what you think yourself.


3 thoughts on “Interesting service from Nivio

  1. Yes.
    For lags. Sometimes there were lags. Eg. when “system” started and I have clicked Start menu, it took a moment to populate, but next time I did it it was fine. Same with menu options. Also, mouse pointer not always changed it’s shape as you were expext it to (like when resizing windows or hover over web link).
    Overal experiance was … cool stuff, good from user point of view, quite useless for me 🙂

    Cheersios and Kelogs, Gregi

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