Little update

Wow, it’s been a long time since I blogged. Didn’t had the time. I will write you what happened in last few weeks.

Let’s start with a BIGGE. So we bought the house. Not any house OUR FIRST HOUSE. That took some time. All paper work. The I seriously damaged my back during move (that was 6 weeks ago, and yes, developers should stick to comfty chairs and their computers, not hard physical labour :). After 5 weeks of physiotherapy I’m still not 100% good.

Baby is on a way. Preparing home for his (as we don’t know if that’s a boy or a girl (I mean I hope it’s a boy :)) arrival is not an easy task when you can’t lift anything of the ground without pain that feels like OH MY GOD SOMEONE STUBBED ME WITH A DAGGER IN MY SPINE. Those days are gone now. I did a lot of painting (some rooms 4 layers of paint) and I started to hate it. Bought all necessary things for our Baby. All I can do now is leave the rest to mother nature 🙂

It’s 3 months since I joined ThoughtWorks. I enjoy working for that company. I got a lot new experience and I will share.

This is it. It might not sound like a lot of work but … it was. And I’m so happy it’s almost over. I know that when Baby will arrive another responsibilities will start, but at least at the beginning it’s just feeding, changing nappies and taking out for some fresh air 🙂

I’m looking forward to all the events that are in front of us. I’m sure they are exciting. COME ON TIME, BRING IT ON! 🙂

Cheers all you beautiful people, Gregster

Ps. What you are thinking of my new Blog look?

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