New Years resolution

ist2_3183756_new_year_2008 It seem like time is passing really fast in UK or maybe just in Gigonsville. Lot of things happened in 2007.


Most important one is new member of Greg’s family, Oliwia Gabriela Gigon (Her pictures are in my latest posts). Joanna has finished PHD, we have bought a house and move to it, I have changed my job. These were the milestones, much more has happened. My life as a developer has changed as well. I went all the way from Java junkie to .Net developer and back again. I learned and had opportunity to work with certified Scrum master on a project and finished my first full agile project with ThoughtWorks. It was a Java web application that you can look at What is available at the moment online is 10 weeks of development. Quite impressive I need to say.

Some of the technologies I have worked this year with: .Net, WCF, WWF, LLBLGenPro, Java, Hibernate, SiteMesh, String Templates. I have also used InteliJ on my last project and as a big Eclipse enthusiast I have to say well done JetBrains. I love it.

Finally resolution

I need to do some work around the house, decorating and tidy up our garden. I need to cut down one tree that we got in our front garden and plant another one on in the back garden. I need to force my Wife to finish her driving licence and buy myself a scooter (for work commuting).

It looks like my next project (at least next in line) will be .Net project. This looks like a nice change after Java. But that is work. My own research and learning curve will go towards Ruby and one of its web frameworks Rails (Ruby On Rails). I would like to learn and develop in my spare time, something useful for other people. How it goes will need to wait and see.

Hm … this looks more like a wish list not a New Years resolution 🙂

That’s it. DA END. Gregster

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