Do NOT try this at home kids

greg I’ve done a horrible thing yesterday. It ended up with coming back to Windowz again. But let’s start from beginning 🙂

When I was writing the post I looked at some news in Linux community and came across KDE 4. It’s got an eye candy look. I have a weak spot for my desktops. I decided I got to have it and give it a test drive.

Quick Google and search on forums showed me that I can get it with latest development release of Kubuntu. So, all I need to do is two steps. Install Kubuntu desktop on my Ubuntu (sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop) and then upgrade to latest version (sudo update-manager -d). BIG MISTAKE. I mean all updates and upgrades went fine.

It took about 30 to 45 minutes to finish (in a mean time I could play and talk with my 4 months old daughter about my desktop change decision, she is pretty good listener, but it’s hard to get any sort of opinion from her in when it’s about IT subjects. I’ll give her one more month for that :).

So, after 45 minutes computer prompted me for restart. When I did so and it arrived at boot menu screen what a surprise. SEVEN different options for booting Ubuntu, with three different kernels. Oh well, I choose default, the one that was preselected. What a surprise when it took about 5 minutes to boot (normally about 30 seconds). When it finally manage it only screen resolution I could get in either Gnome or KDE was 800X600. RIDICOULOUS.

Poking around for 30 minutes with Oliwia (my daughter) hanging on the other side of my arm with face expression telling me “See old man, BIG MISTAKE” I realised it was a BIG MISTAKE.

Back to Windowz days for some time. I don’t have the patient to fix this sort of problems anymore. Will wait for stable release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron and then put a clean install.

On the other hand I found a nice piece of software for getting an access to ext2/ext3 partitions under XP. It is called Linux Reader.


Don’t do system upgrade on Beta and Development version of software.

I hope uncle Greg teaches you kids a lesson. It’s better to learn at someone else’s mistakes.


2 thoughts on “Do NOT try this at home kids

  1. Hi greg,

    -you can remove some of the old kernels installed on your system with the package manager. That will give you less options in the boot loader.

    -sounds like you should take a look at /etc/X11/xorg.conf that config file controls most everything about your display settings including resolutions. Make sure the list of resolutions for your display is accurate

    -if you aren’t comfortable mucking with config files you could always try dexconf or dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. These are tools for configuring your xserver.

    This is the best kind of situation for learning more about your linux box! Get in there and fix it!

  2. Hello Josh
    Cheers for the tips. I think that few years ago I will try to fix it. I do know where to look and what sorts of things to try but I think I’m either too lazy or to old for that 🙂
    I will wait few more days and get a clean install of Hardy.
    Cheers, Greg

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