My own, personal OS rant

This is not another “Linux is better then Windows” posts. It is just a history of few wasted hours of my life.

I got two operating systems on my laptop. Ubuntu Gutsy and Windows XP. As a choice I use Ubunty everyday for my usual email reading, internet browsing and my home development projects in either Ruby or Java. I switch to Windows if I do .Net.

Windows vs Ubuntu

About a week ago I got my usual Ubuntu system updates. This time they came with new release of Linux kernel.  When I restarted my PC, the X server didn’t come back to life. All I got was console. Not to useful when you need to do all the usuals.

As I wasn’t to keen on fixing it, looking in log files and reading Google results for I switched to Windows. After few minutes of working on Windows I was prompted to restart my system by Automatic Windows updates. When it came back my Wireless said NO. It was working for few minutes then stopped. I whacked in wired connection, downloaded latest drivers restarted and …. even worse.  No wireless at all. So, one laptop, two operating systems and no use at all.

I’ve done all possible stuff to bring back my Wireless on Windows. Tried new drivers, old drivers and even tried to dance at the midnight but no use. I guess that Microsoft decided that I don’t need to use a gift of wire free Internet connection and cut me off.

If there’s one thing that I can’t stand is not properly working network. Linux has never failed on that, Got back to Ubuntu. Downloaded NVidia drivers. I went through process of installation and … I’m back in business.

Now, why did I have to go through all that pain. Because I have a PC that is made up of all different parts and none of the operating system can support all of that out of the box. The only solution is to get MAC 🙂

All I need to do now is find some money as those guys are not cheap 🙂

Cheerios, Gregos

2 thoughts on “My own, personal OS rant

  1. And then you’ll still need windows for .net so you’ll be using vmware. have fun troubleshooting your network problems once you add a layer of networking magic between the host and guest operating systems. Oh and btw, osx is NOT a panacea (writing this from a macbook pro).

  2. There is no perfect operating system. But at least Mac with OSx solves the problem of hardware + os + drivers + going crazy.

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