Sketch it Up

I was always a big fun of 3D. I never liked 3d studio or AutoCad. It was too much. To complex and simply not worth spending time learning to use it just for fun. So I never got to grips with any 3D creation software.

… and I would live my life in this state if not for (yet another) 3d tool. This time it is from Google (starts good). It’s called Sketch Up and it’s free. After few minutes I was amazed.

As you might imagine main feature of this product is its simplicity. It is as simple as drawing a rectangle, grabbing its surface and then dragging it for 10cm to create 3D figure. Fantastic. Add different shapes, intersections, transformations, ruler and few other tools and your able to draw yourself a nice model. I tried to draw ground floor of my house and it wasn’t too complex.

As Google use to do you got a nice comprehensive video tutorial that even people with huge learning disabilities could follow.

Anyway, try it yourself if you like to Sketch things up 🙂

Cheerios, Greg

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