What is your favorite development platform, survey results

Not to long ago I posted an article on my favorite environment for software development. There was also a survey in that post asking about your favorite environment. The results are below.

Clearly, Linux is a winner. Here are some comments you guys added to a survey.

Can’t believe people are still using text editors to code… Visual studio rocks!

Well, not sure about this comment 🙂

Well, Ubuntu. For the package system, for the standard package archives and for the PPAs. And for everything else about it being good enough.

Windows 7, mainly because ive been using windows for, well ever. I find it really intuitive and i just know the tools really well. Windows 7 is really nice too.

Obviously I long for the day that will never come when I can develop my .net applications in intellij, deploy to a cut down windows vm for compilation and testing against iis… Anyway dreaming aside I pick mac osx for reasons you said and also because I have one and nothing beats dev on a native machine…

Mac is quite reasonable. Windows just feels clunky.

I need to be able to navigate to files and find things quickly, let alone use apps. Windows explorer/cmd is crap. Linux and Mac OS both work quickly and the command-line is effective. Mac OS X, however, just requires less of my time to maintain it than Linux. All three work similar from within an app like Eclipse.

Could be interpreted as a fan oy phrase, but for dev there is no better option than Linux…

I prefer Max because when I develop I am not just programming. Sometimes I need to check some screencast and last time that I used Linux (last year) I was not able to check all of them. Also I need a good mail and contact manager, I tried Thunderbird and Evolution. But none of them where satisfying my need.
Also i use my computer to develop and for personal use (creating video, music viewing videos). Linux is poor on that side.

I still have to fall back to Windows when working with clients who insist on using Outlook for calendaring and those horrible built-in surveys. Some aspects of my MacBook are pleasant, but I detest the keyboard layout – no home/end/pgup/pgdown and, worst of all, no visible # key 😦

We all got a favorite environment, but what is the actual one that you use every day at work? I’m using Visual Studio as there is no real aternative to .NET development. Fortunatelly ReSharper makes it usable 🙂

Thanks for your answers guys, Greg

One thought on “What is your favorite development platform, survey results

  1. I think Intellij is my favourite. Though I used Eclipse recently and I found that to be quite agreeable too.

    Visual Studio, on the other hand, especially without ReSharper, has to be the most laughable, over bloated, over priced IDE on the planet. It’s still not got basic features (auto-save, local history, essential refactorings) that it’s competitors have had for the best part of a decade. The only people I’ve ever found that like VS have only ever used VS.

    The whole .NET VS tie in is a shame because IntelliJ or Eclipse with C# on a Mac would give Java a good run for its money.

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