Summary of 2011


Time for a little retrospective on what I learned during 2011.

Technologies I learned and improved skills in:

  • Gradle – build and release tool.
  • Groovy – dynamic programming language that runs on JVM
  • Coherence – distributed cache
  • Grails – web framework that runs on JVM. Groovy and Spring paired nicely together
  • Gaelyk – another web framework
  • GAE (Google App Engine) – cloud platform from Google
  • Objective-C and iOS development
  • Scala and Clojure, programming languages that runs on JVM

I did some research into Creativity and Motivation that resulted in few posts.


This year I will focus more on functional languages and functional style of programming.

Main target this year for me is the work on GigReflex, Service that I work on with my friend Mike. Service will be deployed on one of the available PaaS cloud services running Grails web application framework.

Bye, bye 2011.

2012, here I come.


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