My Personal Kanban, offline Kanban board for personal use

I’ve just released new version of My Personal Kanban. You can check it out at .

My Personal Kanban is offline Kanban Board that runs within web browser.

My Personal Kanban sample board
My Personal Kanban sample board

Why Kanban for personal stuff?

Kanban is lightweight enough to bend to my personal lifestyle and to the way I do things outside work. I used a simple TODO list but I wasn’t happy with it.

Kanban gives me clear overview of things that need to be done, things I’m working on and stuff I finished. It also provides way of prioritizing the work (by color coding or bubbling the most important tasks to the top of the columns) and clear visual aid for reviewing tasks.

By limiting Work in Progress I can make sure I stay focused on task and finish it. By looking at the last column with things done I can give myself a tap on the back for achieving task completion.

Have a go and try it. Greg

46 thoughts on “My Personal Kanban, offline Kanban board for personal use

  1. Hello Greg.

    Thanks for you kanban, it is really cool and useful. I was looking for something exactly like this: simple and offline.

    I made some changes to your css style-sheet (hope you don’t mind), so it looks almost completely like the kanban board from I thought that you might want to look at it, so here is the link:

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Adilet
      Thanks for that. I don’t mind it at all. Actually, thank you for doing that. What I’m thinking of is to add functionality to choose the theme or look&feel of the Kanban board.
      Let me do some code changes so you can contribute your styles (theme) directly at GitHub.

      1. Thank you Greg. I started using your tool. Only find two things missing.

        Kanban rows. If i can also have horizantal rows so that project wise tasks can be kept in one row.

        And ability to copy the existing card to new one. Atleast, colors can have serial numbering so that atleast i can use color coding for each project.

  2. Hello Greg,

    Thank you for the app. Minimal, but in the right amount, and very useful. I am wondering whether it works on my Lumia 520, but still offline.

    1. Hi Ravan, thank you for kind words πŸ™‚
      To be honest with you I don’t know. I didn’t test it on any mobile device. It should work on any that supports HTML5 standards.
      I’ll look into it in near future. I also have some Cloud upload/download functionality to be released soon πŸ™‚
      Watch this space. Greg

  3. Hi Greg,

    Thank you for posting this simple and useful tool. It has caused me to start looking closer at HTML5 which is good.

    As I’m sure you’re already aware, but want to make clear to others, if someone is using this in off line mode and clears their browser cache, they lose their boards. I suppose a user can make web archives to save them (I haven’t tested yet).

    Are there other ways (other than the cloud interface)? Any thoughts on posting a guide for how a user could synch data to their own server?

    Cheers, Tim

    1. Hi Tim
      Valid point. If you clear your browser data, local storage where the Kanban is stored will go as well.

      At the moment synch through the Cloud seems to be most easy and portable. I’m planning to ass file export/import as well in the future.

      1. Hi Greg,
        At first: this is a nice work.
        What do you think about a ownCloud connection or write-on-change to a text file for database instead or additional to supercookie. I never use the browser cache and google is also not my choice.
        Thanks Tino

      2. Hi Tino
        Private Cloud feature is in progress and will be available very soon.
        Watch this space πŸ™‚

  4. If you want to run your own storage for an in house team do you have documentation on how to update the software?

    1. Hi Mark

      Not sure how to answer your question. The only way to get the MPK to work with your own storage would be to change the code.

      The Cloud upload chunks the entire Kanban into 1500 character pieces and uses JSONP to do a Cloud Upload. The last bit uploaded is a MD5 Hash of the Kanban. Simple validation if what was received on the Cloud Server is what was sent.

      You could modify Kanban Repository with your own code that will persist Kanban in some other way.

      At the moment I’m trying to do releases in a way that don’t require any upgrades, simply run the latest version with data from Browser local storage.
      I hope that helps.

  5. Hi Greg,

    I’m trying to get a list of data from my REST urls using a $http-get() request and display the results on the personal-Kanban Board. I’m having trouble integrating this code with the current card-based structure. It’s a bit confusing since I’m still learning about AngularJS. Could you help me out with this?


    1. Hi Ram
      Do you have a link to your code somewhere? What exactly is the problem you are facing? Please, remember that to make a HTTP request to another domain you must use JSONP, as browser security will block any attempt to site from different domain.

  6. Could you add the option to add extra columns? For example, if I decided I needed 4 columns instead of the 3 I decided on at board creation, I’d like to be able to do that without creating an entirely new board.

  7. Hi Greg,

    thank you so much for this simple and useful tool! It is exactly what I was looking for. I also really like that fact, that I can still change the look via the CSS.

    In fact, I think another useful feature would be, to be able to copy cards. Right now, when I have a set of cards / tasks that come up again and again but which I want to archive rather than moving them back into the to-do column (since I note some ‘results’ in the text box which I want to access later on via the archives menue), I manually copy whole sets of cards in the JSON-export-file – which is fine too. But copying cards within the Kanban-board environment would be more convenient of course.

    One reason why I found your kanban to suit my needs the best, was because I did not want to use an online tool / save my data in some cloud. But I am constantly clearing my browser cache. So what I do now is exporting and importing JSON files. I am not much into coding, so I was wondering if there is an easy way to automatically save into one JSON-file on the event of closing the browser (and ideally loading from it when starting the browser)?

    Thank you and best regards,


  8. Hi Thomas, thanks for all those great suggestions.
    Let me investigate what I can do and get back to you.
    I will be releasing new version in a few days with some new features and major library changes πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Greg. I’m Brazilian user. I can’t use off line. Html saved in Favorites. Close firefox and tasks disappears.

    1. Hi
      Try not to save the whole thing just bookmark it.
      If that doesn’t work that means that something is clearing your browser local storage as soon as Firefox is closed.
      Let me know if that works.

  10. Hello,
    first of all thank you for an excellent simple local kanban.
    I’m using it for a few weeks and love it. I would just like to make a few suggestions:

    * Automatic Export of all Kanbans – I have to export and import every day, otherwise all the content is lost – this is quite annoying
    * Keyboard-Shortcuts to create new Tasks and other basic functions
    * A line where you can add Task very fast – like had one. You would write
    Check this and that :red #waiting and would create a new red task and put it in the waiting queue

  11. Hello Greg,
    this is what I was looking for and I would very much like to use it. However, I also have the problem with the disappearing tasks after the page is closed. As michael I am exporting the tasks before I close the page.

    Can you estimate how long it will take you to the next release? I would like to recommend this kanban to a few others but not in the current state.

    thank you,

  12. Hi Greg, thank you so much for this simple and awesome tool!
    But unfortunately it doesn’t work in IE 11.
    Would you please make it work in IE?

  13. hi,
    could you just release a version which has an auto export/import function? Not into the cloud only to a local folder – that would help a lot.

    1. Hi Boris
      I’m working hard on getting MPK new release out. I will work soon on local Auto-Save.
      Thanks for your feedback and interest.

      1. Also, is there a way to persis the information? I mean, if I host it in my server and I open it in abrowser and work on it.. when I decide to open it in a different browser, I won’t see that information, right?! It will be saved in my session. Is there a way to make it save the configuration and changes in the server somehow? So, for example, two or three people, in different computers can access and share the same board with the same cards? I can already host it and let them see the application, but for each of them is a fresh new one, blank board. Thanks.

      2. Well, the server only exposes API for storing, opening browser would not return anything. What you need to do is to go to MPK and to Cloud Setup option and configure URL to you new server.

  14. This is a superb Kanban. I don’t know if I just started using the offline version at the right time but all my data is automatically stored when I close the page. I’ve also found the export facility impressive and find the JSON format very handy.

    The feature that I feel is most impressive is being able to drag and drop cards between columns. But I’m also impressed with how easy it is to set and change card colours and add notes on progress. I haven’t used the archive facility from my ‘Done’ column yet but I’m looking forward to seeing how that works. I was impressed to see the option become visible when I dragged my first completed task to the ‘Done’ column. A seriously impressive little ‘app’. Congratulations!

  15. Is there a way this can be loaded into a sharepoint site? I tried uploading the whole thing and launching the html file, but it won’t open. it simply launches a blank page. 😦

    1. It’s actually hard to say what did go wrong. You’ll have to look into an error console. I never tried to embed it into anything to be honest.

  16. I discovered your Kanban in 2022 (9 years later) and I believe it beats any other in terms of productivity and ease of use. This is a tool that works for me, unlike the many “productivity” tools whose quirks you have to change for. Thank you. Simply simple is the way to go.

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