What is happening with My Personal Kanban

Some time has passed since my last blog post. I have been working on quite a few things recently. My Personal Kanban is one of them.

I did run a short survey between some of the My Personal Kanban users, asking them about things they would like to see in future releases. Some of the most important include:

  • seamless synchronisation with Cloud across many devices
  • mobile version of the application
  • tagging of cards that makes them searchable
  • Master Board with cards across all Kanbans

At this moment I’m heavily working on the development of the Synchronisation with Cloud. It will replace rather unfriendly process of saving and loading from Cloud. I’m buried in rather complex algorithms for resolving Conflicts between Kanbans.

I’m also re-architecting and modularising Client side services, so they could be reusable in more than one version (same services to be used in Web version and Mobile version).

One of the major changes would involve delivery or deployment mechanism. The application itself will no longer be available as downloadable ZIP file, but a static website that will work offline, Chrome App and Firefox Extension and Mobile HTML5 application for both iOS and Android platforms.

Kanban is also getting a major UI redesign with help from my friend and a great designer Mike.

I am still juggling 9 to 5 day job, preparing to present on a conference and attempting to finish “Principles of Reactive Programming” on Coursera. That is the main reason why new release of My Personal Kanban is taking longer.

Path to work

The road is long but there is light at the end of a tunnel. Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “What is happening with My Personal Kanban

    1. Hi Stax, thanks for your interest in MPK.
      A lot is happening right now, that is why Kanban got postponed a bit.
      I can’t give you a specific time at the moment. All I can say is: soon.

    1. Thanks Don.
      I’m doing a bit of a rewrite as Angular is being problematic to use on a larger scale.
      Soon would be the answer, however, with 9-5 day job it’s not that easy.

  1. Your welcome. No worries, I totally understand the 9-5 day job thing. Bet you put in even more than just those hours :). I’m a QA Director for a software company so I rarely just work 9-5. Speaking of that, if you ever need someone to test Personal Kanban, I would be happy to help with that.


  2. Could you pleeeease just implement an autosave (to a json-file) so that I don’t have to import and export every time I use pk and make a minor release.
    If I don’t import/export every time I open new browser sessions, then I lose all content.

    1. Hi Donald
      It is not, but I didn’t have time recently to do any work on it. I’m planning a bit of a revolution of a code and user interface soon.

  3. Hello Greg,

    if you could just add an auto-export function so that we don’t have to manually export and import the kanban-boards I would be very very happy. Thats all I’m asking for, just a little auto-export.

    Could you please implement that?

  4. Hello Greg,

    3 years ago you said you need a little more time to work on this project.

    Why didn’t you just say that this project won’t be continued.
    I counted on that.

    The software is very nice, the autoexport function is just missing. Now I have to search an alternative.
    I wished you had just told us early on that you’re not gonna work on this project any more.

    1. Hi Thomas. Sorry but my personal circumstances made it impossible for me to carry on with the ongoing improvements to the MPK.
      What mainly made you like this solution? Do you think you get some functionality that is missing in products like Trello?

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