New My Personal Kanban 0.8.0 released – upgrades and new features

I’ve released new version of My Personal Kanban, browser based Kanban board.Kanban column

There are new features as well as simple upgrades to libraries, etc. I also removed Bootstrap UI library.

New features in the latest 0.8.0 release include:

  • Per column limits – possibility to setup limit of cards in the column. If the limit is reached, it’s impossible to add or drag more cards into column.
  • No restrictions to the number of columns. Previously you could only create Kanbans with 3,4,6 and 8 columns. Now it is possible to create Kanban board with any number of columns between 2 and 10.
  • It is also possible to add and remove columns via a column settings menu.

Future plans for My Personal Kanban will include auto-sync with cloud and some major changes in the cloud sync protocol. I need to make those changes before I start development of a mobile version of MPK.

I do hope that new features come in handy and that you will keep on using MPK as your personal Kanban board.

10 thoughts on “New My Personal Kanban 0.8.0 released – upgrades and new features

  1. Lovely app, but I’m not a very sophisticated consumer.

    I figured out that I needed to change my privacy settings and “Remember History” in FF to not lose my boards.

    But now I can’t seem to open individual cards; my cursor becomes a move icon when I hover over a card. Gosh!

    1. Hi Mel
      Thanks for your comment. I’m not really sure how to help you. The fact that you see your cards and are unable to open them is quite unusual. You should still be able to open the cards by clicking on the title.
      MPK stores the Boards in browser local storage, so if your browser is not in private browsing mode it should be all fine.
      I’m working on new MPK. Unfortunately with the day job is not coming as fast as I would hope it would.

  2. I loved it!

    Simple and functional!


    I would like to share a Kaban with my friends via filesytem (Windows)

    But they can’t see the board I made .. = /

    It’s possible?


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